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Be careful in the bathroom: Yoshitomo Minamoto, Yoriie Minamoto, Dokan Ota, Jean-Paul Marat

Bathrooms have no choice but to be unprotected, but Japanese people probably love bathing, and they are popular as assassination sites. Yoshitomo was defeated in the Heiji Rebellion and was on his way to the eastern part of Japan, where he relied on his retainers, the Nagata clan, and was killed while taking a bath. Apparently, he escaped from Kyoto, ran for three days, lost his horse, and arrived barefoot, so he must have really wanted to take a bath. There is a flaw in this story; the Nagata family, who had defected to the Taira clan, complained about the official rank (Iki no kami) given to them by Taira no Kiyomori and was scolded, and subsequently defected to Yoritomo Minamoto. Yoritomo told them that he would give them Mino and Owari as rewards, so the father and son fought bravely in the western provinces, but in the end they were executed. The graffiti seems to have written that the Iki no kami (Iki also means life) has become ``the end of one's body'' (another meaning of Mino Owari), which is a really well-made pun.  

Coincidentally, his grandson Yoriie was also killed by Yoshitoki Hojo's soldiers while he was taking a bath while in detention at Shuzenji. The Gukansho(monk Jien's diary) says that he tied a cord around his neck and stabbed him in his vital points, which is a cruel story if true, but how did this story, which the Hojo clan wanted to hide as much as possible, get passed on to Jien, who was in Kyoto?


A little later in life, Dokan Ota was also killed in the bathroom. The Ota clan is a descendant of Yorimasa Minamoto, who raised an army against the Taira clan along with Prince Mochihito.

During the Muromachi period, when there was a power struggle between the Yamauchi Uesugi family, which was in charge of Kanto Kanrei(Kamakura shogunal deputy), and the Ogigayatsu Uesugi family, Dokan Ota was active as the head of the Ogigayatsu family, but he was jealous of his master Sadamasa. An assassin was sent to kill him after taking a bath. It is said that Akisada Uesugi of the Yamauchi clan was the one who encouraged Sadamasa to assassinate Dokan, but after the Ogigayatsu clan declined, it was the Go-hojo clan that expanded its influence to the southern Kanto region. This resulted in a more powerful enemy. It's a matter of cause and effect.

Japanese people were not the only ones killed in the bathroom. Jean-Paul Marat, a member of the Jacobins, an extremist group during the French Revolution, was killed in a bath by Charlotte Corday, a member of the Girondins. Unlike Japanese bathing habits, he was bathing to treat a skin disease that caused his body to become covered in blisters. The cause of the skin disease was unknown for a long time, but DNA testing recently revealed that it was caused by a fungus called Malassezia restricta. Jacques-Louis David's paintings are famous, and her skin looks beautiful.  

The Roman Empire is famous for baths, and the Emperor Caracalla, who built the Great Baths, was also assassinated, and he was stabbed by his subordinates while standing to urinate on an expedition. I don't want to be killed while defenseless. If you are at risk of being assassinated, please be careful when taking a bath or relieving yourself.



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