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History and Travel Records

Covers all aspects of Japanese history. Let's take a look at some of the interesting stories
I've come across so far,
and records of my trips.
Let's enjoy traveling through Japan by digging deep into its history.

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Dear gentlemen and women,

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I’ve been involved in energy industry throughout my business career, but I seriously considered what I originally wanted to do, when I step back from the line.
Various history related books and stories gave me comfort and enjoyment even when I was so busy in hard work.  
Over 40 years ago, I spent additional 2 years to pass the examination of university, such books sometime gave me excuses to escape from struggling with mathematics and also gave me comfortable time in crowded commuter train after starting to work.
Our lives are limited, but once learning past affairs and persons, it’s enjoyable to have simulation experiences, and they make our journey doubly attractive. 
Japan is an unique nation to have abundant stories and relics, still remaining old cultures and disciplines.
Samuel P Huntington defined Japan can be categorized as one of 9 civilizations in The Clash of Civilizations and the Remaking of World Order.  
I wish Japan could keep Japanese touch in a good sense. 

I’m writing compelling stories and feelings gathered during my trips and by readings, and hopefully they could contribute my exploration of history.
Honestly, I’m getting 60, afraid not enough time to master them academically.


So I just conveniently cherry pick nice stories, beautiful pictures, food and drinks, which could be shared with nice friends. 

I was born in Kanazawa, and have lived in Tokyo.
Except them, I’ve stayed in Hiroshima for 5 years, Los Angeles in 6 years, and Houston in 3 years.
I’m an avid but bad golf player, love to learn geo science, chemical and universe which I got to know through energy business, and love Hanshin Tigers (Japanese professional baseball team).


After graduating from university, I worked in the energy industry for a long time at a trading company, but when I retired, I thought about what I originally wanted to do. It was the various history-related books that made my busy work life more or less enjoyable, and the good stories I came across while reading them.

My original experience was when I was stuck at home in my second year as a ronin, I read Shinsho history books and Shiba Ryotaro to take a breather while struggling with math, which I am not good at.As a result of that experience, I still read a lot of Shinsho. I also like Nanao Shiono and Kyoko Nakano, and I enjoy reading everything they publish.

I was born in Kanazawa and have lived in Tokyo since university, but I spent 5 years working in Hiroshima, 6 years in Los Angeles, and 3 years in Houston.

I don't know how much time I have left in my life, but it would be great if I could talk with like-minded people while killing time by playing bad golf and history (including the history of the earth that I met through work).

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