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Cool horse falls and ugly horse falls ~ Naomasa Ii and Louis III

Many people have died from falling from horses in the past and present, but most of them seem to have been caused by accidents while hunting or on the battlefield. In the NHK Taiga drama ``The Thirteen People of Kamakura Palace,'' Yoritomo collapses from his horse while Morinaga Adachi takes the reins on his way back from the dedication ceremony for the Sagami River Bridge. Assuming that he was not galloping, falling from the horse is likely a secondary cause of death.  

Naomasa Ii appeared in the 2017 taiga drama, but after the Battle of Okehazama, when the Imagawa family lost its unifying force, he became a page to Ieyasu Tokugawa, and later became the leader of the Tokugawa Four Best Generals. The Battle of Sekigahara is common knowledge, but I personally recommend that the Shimadzu army break through the enemy = advance and retreat. Normally, retreating is done by showing the enemy your back, but in order to let the general Yoshihiro escape, the Shimadzu army had his younger brother Toyohisa become a "sutegamari(decoy)" and attract the enemy and fight until he was killed. Yoshihiro finally passed by Ieyasu's main force and left the battlefield. Although it did not affect the overall outcome of the battle, the eastern army was probably so strong that it could be said that ``the gods who do not touch it will not be cursed.''

Naomasa, who was in his prime of age, boldly pursued this formidable corps, and although he came close to Yoshihiro alone, he was shot in the leg by the Shimazu side and fell off his horse. Naomasa was the most successful of Ieyasu's vassals, leaving aside the vassals inherited from Mikawa, and it seems that he was not only courageous on the battlefield, but also had a well-balanced and excellent administrative and diplomatic ability. Unfortunately, Naomasa passed away two years later at the age of 42. It is said that the wound at Sekigahara was the cause.  

Louis III was the grandson of Charlemagne, the first Holy Roman Emperor. He became the third generation of the West Frankish Empire, which had been divided into France, Italy, and Germany between his brothers since his grandfather's generation (although he co-ruled it with his younger brother Carloman). ). He ascended the throne in 879, but only three years later, while riding a horse in his territory of Saint-Denis and chasing after a beautiful girl, he hit his head on a stone next to a door, fell, and died instantly.

Is the case of people getting injured because they are attracted to beautiful women a golden pattern that transcends eras?

Stop using your smartphone while walking.



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