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Sanada 3 castles in Kozuke June 2022

During the rainy season, I drove through Sanada Castle, which is located in the northern part of Kozuke(Gunma prefecture). I watched Sanada Maru when I was stationed in Houston, and some of the famous scenes came back to me. Unfortunately, Sanada was sandwiched between the two major powers, Takeda and Uesugi, so it was the only land they could expand on their own.

When I saw the fertile fields of the Numata Basin from Nagurumi Castle, I once again understood Sanada's feelings, but the fact that the Hojo clan stole this castle was the trigger for Hideyoshi's conquest of Odawara. The successive heads of the Sanada family were excellent, but this may be because they were a family that was buffeted among the ranks. Nobuyuki's legal wife Komatsuhime rejected Masayuki's wish to see her grandson's face and protected Numata Castle(once she knew her father-in-law joined enemy), but in her grandson's generation, Numata Castle and territories were forfeited and the traces of Sanada in Kozuke ceased due to the grandso(Nobutoshi)'s stupid behavior. The proberb says, It's been 10 years since the castle was built and the castle fell in one day.

① Iwabitsu Castle Honmaru

② From Nakuru Castle to Numata

③ Bronze statue in Numata Castle (Nobuyuki Sanada and Princess Komatsuhime)



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