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Shibayama Tumulus and Jews June 2020

As I wandered around the Kanto Plain, I noticed that there were many ancient tombs. I heard that there were more kohun(tumuluses) in the Kanto region than in the Kinki region, and according to books, the population of ancient Japan was larger in the east than in the west in remote ages(over 2000 years ago).

It is said that the father of Kamatari Nakatomi ,the founder of the Fujiwara clan, was a Shinto priest in Kashima, and learning about the ancient history of eastern Japan may provide hints for understanding all ancient Japan.

I had been curious about it for a while, but I heard that there was a clay figure that looked like a Jew at Shibayama Tumulus, so I went to see it. The tomb dates from around the end of the 6th century, half a century before the Taika Reforms, but what kind of government was in this area? Although there are few materials on ancient history, archeology is now in the age of science, and I hope new discoveries will continue to emerge.

These are Orthodox Jewish people who are often seen in Manhattan, New York.

Haniwa from Shibayama Tumulus.

Are they similar?



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